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We work closely with major image sensor manufacturers and smartphone OEMs on AI camera system integration. Through our R&D capabilities that span customized ISP designs, 3D imaging, and system-level joint optics-electronics-algorithm optimization, our computational photography solutions can allow your users to easily capture professional-grade photos using a simple smartphone.

Our AI optics engine solution
Optical Artifacts - Original image

Optical Artifacts Removal

Our deep learning-based optics engine works in conjunction with the physical optics models. It can remove complex optical artifacts introduced by the compact smartphone camera module, allowing users to take crystal clear photos.

Others' state-of-the-art demosaicing results
Ours AI-based demosaicing results

AI-powered Pre-ISP Pipeline

Novel image sensors require specialized pre-ISP processing. Take our demosaicing solution as an example, it leverage both deep learning and image formation model to demosaic novel color filter arrays (CFAs), such as RGBW and 2x2 OCL quad-Bayer layouts, seen on the latest and next-generation smartphone image sensors, beyond the conventional Bayer pattern. Our solutions provide improved contrast and color performance compared to state-of-the-art results from our competitors.

Noisy single frame
Ours - MFNR processed photo

Multi-frame Image Enhancement

Our multi-frame AI image enhancement solution burst captures multiple images for a given scene, and uses advanced machine learning to produce a final photo with improved dynamic range and reduced noise. It works under challenging lighting conditions and can well compensate for camera and object motions.

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We provide customized computational imaging solutions for your system.

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